Volunteer to Help the Temple Make the 2019 Cherry Blossom Festival a Success


Donate your time when it counts. This year the Japanese Friendship is celebrating Cherry Blossom Week starting Monday, March 18, leading into the Cherry Blossom Festival Friday March 22 through Sunday March 24. And that’s where the Temple joins the festivities.

The Temple’s role is to offer its gochiso (delicious) Chicken Teriyaki Skewers, Tofu Salad, and Rice.

Sign up for shifts on one or more of these days:

  • Friday, March 22 (prep at BTSD)

  • Saturday March 23 (cook/serve at JFG)

  • Sunday March 24 (cook/serve/cleanup at JFG)

We’re maintaining the volunteer list as a Googles Document. Click the following link:

Volunteer List - Cherry Blossom 2019

With our authentic Chicken Teriyaki and other food we help the JFG’s Cherry Blossom Festival to be a success, and raise funds for the Temple in the process.

For questions, contact the Temple at info@btsd.net.