To Our Visitors

WE ARE FREQUENTLY asked if people can attend services at our Temple and we welcome your visit. 

Our Temple is one of many in San Diego County -- by the last Census, the second most Buddhist area in the United States! -- and starting in 1926 for about 50 years, it was the only Buddhist Temple in the area. Here are answers to frequent questions from visitors.


  • We are open most Sunday mornings, but not all --so please check our schedule.

  • We are a worship center and devotional Temple for everyday people.

  • We are non-monastic. You will not see monks and nuns in training.

  • Please keep food or drink outside the worship area (our main hall or hondo).

Service format

  • Services are Western in format with Buddhist content and meaning.

  • Services are conducted in English with ritual chants in Pali, Sanskrit, or Sino-Japanese. All chants appear in our service book in roman characters so you can follow along.

  • We sit in pews, and not on the floor.

  • Elevator access (from our parking lot) makes services accessible to all.


  • No special dress is required, but please dress respectfully.

  • We keep our shoes on to enter the Temple.


  • You are welcome to take photographs in the Temple after the service and worshipers have offered incense.

  • You may take photographs from the ground level or first stage level if accompanied by a Temple member.

  • Please do not enter the altar area itself.

Meeting with visitors

One of our Temple members is always available after services to answer your questions. Often this is Dharma Teacher Kaytee Sumida, who also usually leads our Fourth Sunday programs (see following).

Student Assignments 

If their schedule permits, students are encouraged to attend one of our Fourth Sunday programs for Introduction to Buddhism. The session includes a description of Temple etiquette and time to have your questions answered. After the 9 a.m. class in our one-story Sangha Hall, attendees can then walk across the parking lot to the main Temple building for service at 10 a.m. on the top floor.

Students assigned interview questions can send them to us at our email address below, and we will try to get answers back to you in several days from a Minister's Assistant or member of our Buddhist Education Committee.