Stay Connected with BCA: New Digital Initiative

Something from BCA that works on smart phones!

BCA, the Buddhist Churches of America, is the national organization of Temples that supports our tradition in the continental United States. In years past, many Temple members have kept up with the organization through the print only Wheel of Dharma monthly newsletter or the BCA website.

Now all interested parties, member or non-member, can sign up for BCA Connect (click link), a new program from recently announced. When you supply your email address, you subscribe and each emailed edition will have the latest news:

  • Featured selections from the Wheel of Dharma.

  • Upcoming events and activities, both at the Jodo Shinshu Center and throughout the nation.

  • Highlights from the BCA Bookstore, including a book of the month.

  • More ways to access new Buddhist resources and education.

The first edition will launch in Spring/Summer 2019 and was announced at the BCA National Council Meeting on March 8, 2019.

The full url is