BTSD Groups

Affiliated Organizations, Classes, 
and Interest Groups

Affiliated Organizations


Affiliated organizations are organized subgroups of Temple members, and sometimes include Dharma friends, which have their own officers, typically organized around a set of purposes or goals for supporting the Temple.

ABA is open to all adult Temple Members and undertakes projects to support the Temple along with friendly social get-togethers. Historically ABA is famous in Temple lore for its tasty Chow Mein recipe (pan-fried noodles!), sold at fundraisers several times a year.

The BWA is organized to meet the needs of temple activities, from serving refreshments at meetings to raising funds for the temple through sales of prepared food and handicrafts. Monthly meetings include socializing and temple projects. You may still hear the BWA referred to by its Japanese name, Fujinkai.

The Dharma School consists of a superintendent and teachers for various grades of young people for our Sunday services. The staff meets monthly throughout the school semester to organize classes.

The Junior Young Buddhist Association (Jr. YBA)


BTSD offers both spiritual and cultural classes, directly or indirectly, as shown following.

Temple Courses

Buddhism 1-2-3

Content to come

Introduction to Buddhism / Fourth Sunday

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Sponsored Classes

Many of these groups are sponsored by instructors with links to the Temple and we are delighted to make them available to you at this time. Please note access to some groups is limited and at the discretion of the individual instructor. 

Interest Groups


The Dana Group includes Temple Members and Dharma Friends who advise the Sangha on potential charitable projects for the Sangha to follow. (Dana is Sanskrit for giving, and is known in our tradition as one of the Six Perfections or Six Paramitas of the Bodhisattva.)

The Eco Sangha consists of Temple Members and Dharma Friends helping to .....