To Shin Buddhism


Statue of Amida Buddha

The hallmark of Shin Buddhism
is to

come as you are

In Shin Buddhism, we understand that  ordinary life is our spiritual journey. So in one sense the message of  Shin Buddhism is to come as you are. We start from where we are, to realize how lucky we are to be part of the web of life.

You Are Important.  Every living thing is totally unique, and to be valued, including you. You are the only person with your life and history. You help the universe understand itself.

Appreciate the Self. In Shin Buddhism it is a mistake to think that our goal is to destroy or conquer the self. It may be more accurate to think in terms of expanding the sense of self to see how we are related to all living things. In the process we are better able to transmute our selfish passions to wisdom and compassion.

Our Sutras. Our sutras recount the Buddha's extolling the path of Amida Buddha. (Sutra is the India word for any collection of wisdom, and in Buddhism relates to thousands of teachings attributed to Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical Buddha.) Sects in the Pure Land School rely on three sutras that focus on Amida Buddha (discussed in this wikipedia article).  

Our Japanese Name and History. In Japan, this tradition is called Jodo Shinshu, or the True Pure Land School. We are grateful to how this school of Buddhism was understood and shared by Shinran Shonin, whom we respect as the founder of the Jodo Shinshu sect.