Dharma School

Our Temple offers Dharma School classes for pre-kindergarten through high school students. All of us, young and old, join in our sanctuary or main hall (Hondo) each Sunday. Then, during the second part of our Sunday services, students go to their respective classes.  

Dharma School works with our youth to help put the Dharma in contexts they can readily understand and gives them opportunities to practice living the Dharma through activities such as collection drives, temple service, and family events.  It is a fun and social way for children to grow into the Dharma preparing them for active and meaningful participation in the Temple as adults.

Now Accepting 2019-2020 Registrations. Dharma School is now accepting registration for the coming 2019-2020 school year. Register online here. We expect to post a PDF of a print form if you would prefer very soon.

School Sessions. Dharma School starts on the Sunday following Labor Day and concludes on Father's Day in June. However we welcome enrollments at any time of the year. See above for our registration form. For more information about enrolling youth in Dharma School, please come to any of our Sunday services or contact our Temple office at 619-239-0896 (Tuesdays through Friday).

Dharma School Superintendent

Starting this summer and moving forward, new Dharma School Superintendent Lisa Umekubo, Ed.D, oversees teachers for the various grades and helps coordinate an appropriate Buddhist curriculum for each grade level. We thank outgoing Superintendent Avis Honda for her many years of effort and remaining a dependable champion for the Dharma School and its students. Miss Avis will continue her work in this regard especially at the Southern District level and continues her many other activities at our Temple.

Dharma School News