Map & Schedule for Saturday, August 4 Obon Festival and Bon Odori in Balboa Park

BREAKING NEWS! We now have the map and schedule for all events at the Japanese Friendship Garden and other locations at Balboa Park for the Obon Festival and Bon Odori this Saturday, August 4. All the information appears below or for convenience you can ...

Download the PDF File Here

Here is our best understanding of events this Saturday, subject to change.

TENTATIVE Bon Odori Saturday August 4 , 2018

Inamori Pavilion (H)

11:00 am G-Moto
11:30 am La Jolla Taiko
12:00 noon JKO Karate
1:00 pm San Diego Hula Club
1:30 pm San Diego Japanese School
2:00 pm Masazumi Kai
2:30 pm Yoki Daiko
3:00 pm Shigin by Kazuhiko Morikawa
3:30 pm The Harmonies

Deck in front of Activities Center (D)

2:15 pm Three Coral Dojo
3:45 pm Genbu Daiko

Spreckels Organ Pavilion (L)

4:00 pm Buddhist Temple of San Diego Taiko
4:30 pm Okinawan Shamisen Group
5:20 pm Kimono Fashion Show
5:45 pm San Diego Taiko
6:15 pm Dancer will start to gather
6:30 pm Dance will begin
7:15 pm Dance intermission
7:20 pm Naruwan Taiko
7:45 pm Dancing continues
8:30 pm Dancing ends
8:30 pm Clean up begins and moving back the benches