Dharma School Student Wins Padma Award!


Congratulations to our Dharma School student Nolwenn for earning the Girl Scout Padma Award! Above see Ministerial Assistant, Sensei Laverne Imori (left), and resident minister Rev. Dr. Kenji Akahoshi (right), formally presenting the award to Nolwenn on Sunday, June 10, 2018. The award has rigorous requirements at Nolwenn's level of scouting, which is why the award is in the form of an actual medal.


Thanks go to Laverne Sensei who worked with Nolwenn for instruction and support. Thanks also go to Nolwenn and her family for something unexpected and above the formal requirements for the award.

Because (to the best of our knowledge), this is the first Padma Award achieved by a Dharma School student, Nolwenn and her family wanted to help others interested in the award. They prepared notes and guidance for future potential Padma Award candidates and gave them to the Temple for the future.

We hope there will be many more Padma Awards at BTSD over the years.

Background. The award is appropriately named; padma is sanskrit for lotus, depicted in the medal shown above. Learn more about the Padma award at the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting website.

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