June Retreat Cancelled

Dear Friends,

As announced in our newsletter and as we informed early registered attendees, and as identified over the last month on the Announcements Bar at the top of our Website, Kenji Sensei has cancelled the 2019 retreat, Human Nature within Buddha Nature.

Kenji Sensei tells us there will be a mini-workshop this fall on some of the themes of the retreat, and the retreat will resume in 2020. The workshop will provide an introduction to the theme of the retreat: To help you experience the perspective that makes ordinary life an extraordinary reality.

Details on the 2019 workshop and next year’s retreat will follow, although in recent years it has been held at Yokoji Zen Mountain Center, which as a Zen training facility, in an isolated mountain setting, is especially conducive to this retreat. We will certainly consider Yokoji as a venue next year.

Kenji Sensei has conducted retreats annually for decades, first at his home Temple in San Jose and since he came to San Diego as resident minister over five years ago.

If you encounter this article and want a preview of what the retreat for 2020 will be like, see the below link to the 2019 brochure.

2019 Information/Registration Packet