About Membership and Membership Forms

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About Membership

Our Temple was created on the backs of poor immigrant families who persevered through prejudice and recession and managed to scrimp and sacrifice to buy the land, take out the loan, build the Temple building, and pay the mortgage -- so that we could enjoy the Temple today free of similar sacrifice. Today, to keep our doors open and cover operating costs as well as ongoing maintenance, we look to the first generation of pioneers as inspiration to support the Temple as members with a set level of annual support. 

Membership dues cover about a third of our annual costs. Our other revenue streams include donations (about another third) and fundraisers (most of the remainder). The Temple Board continues to increase our funding from investments as well with the hopes of reducing the number of fundraisers our budget requires, but as yet those proceeds are minor compared to membership.

Making it Easy to Be a Member

We want it to be as easy as possible for people to become and sustain their membership in the Temple. For that reason we maintain several levels of membership and payment options.

Levels of Membership