The 2019 School Supplies Donation Drive has closed. Thanks for your generosity!


The Dana group wishes to thank all the temple members and Sangha friends who generously gave to this year’s School Supplies Donation Drive in support of Hope for San Diego. This drive ended on July 28 and our large collections box was filled to the brim with a variety of school items. Additionally, a total of $410 were collected in checks, gift card, and cash. Special thanks to Brian Sasaki for his help with transferring a portion of those funds directly to Hope for San Diego. The remaining cash and gift card were used to purchase additional school supplies. Click here for a complete list of the items we donated.

All donated items, which were delivered to Hope for San Diego on Friday 08/09, will go into backpacks that will given to children from low income families. Our Hope for San Diego contact mentioned that they would be preparing backpacks immediately after their next Sunday service with the items our temple donated. Low income students urgently need these school supplies as they return to school and will be receiving them next week.

Again, thanks to everyone who generously supported this drive. It never ceases to amaze us how generous our temple members and friends are to those in need.


About Hope for San Diego

Can you imagine a city where all people thrive? A city where everyone sleeps in a warm bed at night? A city where all children are safely nurtured in healthy families? A city where neighbors welcome strangers with open arms? That’s the vision of Hope for San Diego—a renewed city where even the most vulnerable thrive.

Working toward that vision means Hope for San Diego walks into the shadows of our city to be the hands and feet of hope to those who need it most.


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