Dana Group Thanks All for School Supplies Drive

The Dana Group officially closed the School Supplies Drive on July 29 and would like to thank all the Sangha members and friends who supported this initiative. Thanks to your monetary and in-kind donations we will be delivering the following items to Hope for San Diego:

  • 27 pencil sharpeners
  • 30 reusable water bottles
  • 33 pencil boxes
  • 37 scissors
  • 71 spiral notebooks
  • 126 glue sticks
  • 181 erasers
  • 696 colored pencils
  • 1037 pencils
  • 1176 crayons

These supplies will go into backpacks that Hope for San Diego will distribute to children from low income families in the coming weeks.

     In reflecting on Tathagata’s Vow of Salvation
     It is to embrace the sentient beings in pain.
     Selfless giving is the ultimate concern,
     Whereby Great Compassion is fulfilled.

                                                       – Shinran 

Hope for San Diego is a non-profit organization that engages our community to care for and invest in our under-served neighbors.

The Dana Group at the Temple coordinates opportunities for dana or giving that benefit the community. Contact the Temple for more information.

Photo Credit: Arturo Rubio.