Balboa Park Obon - NOW with VIDEO

2019-08-10_Bon Odori Bump.jpg

We hope you were able to enjoy the community Bon Odori Saturday, August 3, 2019. Shown are several of our intrepid dance instructors, and we would like to thank them all for leading many practices and providing great models to follow in the inner circle of the dancers and up on the yagura (the raised platform in the middle of the dancers). Our instructors this year include Avis Honda, Breven Honda, JoAnn Hotta, Eugene Hotta, Junko Kajita, Kimberly Kruse, Susan Moribe, Shirley Omori, Ann Ong, and Jamie Shimizu.

Thanks also to our taiko drummers, Rick Cheeks and Bobby Koga, our audio and music engineer, Tim Kajita, MC Bill Teague, and the many other volunteers, under the leadership of Ken Muraoka.


See this video on Facebook of our opening processional at the Spreckels Organ Pavillion. The dance is Kyo Mo Egao De Konnichiwa (“Say Hello with a Smile Today”). The two parts of the procession are each led by our fabulous dance instructors. All the dancers are using colorful ribbon poles to add to the festive atmosphere.