The 2019 School Supplies Donation Drive Is On!


The Dana group has launched its annual School Supplies Donation Drive. We’re again supporting Hope for San Diego, an organization that engages the community to care for and invest in San Diego’s under-served neighbors. All donated items will go into backpacks that will given to children from low income families.

A collections box has been placed in the dining area along with the list of needed items. Click here for a digital copy of the list. This donation drive will run through Sunday July 28th. Last year’s drive was a great success, and we’re confident this year will again display the generosity of our temple members and Sangha friends.

Thanks in advance for your support.

About Hope for San Diego

Can you imagine a city where all people thrive? A city where everyone sleeps in a warm bed at night? A city where all children are safely nurtured in healthy families? A city where neighbors welcome strangers with open arms? That’s the vision of Hope for San Diego—a renewed city where even the most vulnerable thrive.

Working toward that vision means Hope for San Diego walks into the shadows of our city to be the hands and feet of hope to those who need it most.

DanaArturo Rubio