Affiliated Organizations

Affiliated organizations are structured around common interests and traditions, aimed at helping support the Temple and its activities. They work in cooperation with the Temple Board. For more information about any of our organizations, please contact the Temple at 619-239-0896 or

Adult Buddhist Association (ABA)

ABA is open to all adult Temple Members and undertakes many to support the Temple, while also socializing at  friendly dinners or breakfasts. ABA is most famous in Temple lore for its tasty Chow Mein recipe (pan-fried noodles!), sold at fundraisers several times a year.

The BWA is organized to meet the needs of temple activities, from serving refreshments at meetings to raising funds for the temple through sales of prepared food and handicrafts. Monthly meetings include socializing and temple projects. You may still hear the BWA referred to by its Japanese name, Fujinkai.